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An Engaging New Book

Stepping Out: A Tenderfoot’s Guide to the Principles, Practices, and Pleasures of Countryside Walking will guide any would-be rambler through the delights and challenges of a well-planned trek, anywhere. It is also a great read for the armchair traveler.

With wit and wisdom, author Eleanor Berger combines personal experience with the practical advice of a rambler who has walked more than 1000 miles of pathways, mainly in Great Britain, over the past decade. Stepping Out invites you to walk with the author, as you sample the principles, practices, and pleasures of countryside walking


Stepping Out at a Glance

272 pages , 6 x 9 inches
Contents: introduction, fourteen chapters, and an index
Sixteen original pen and ink sketches
ISBN: 978-0-9816475-0-0
Library of Congress Control Number: 2008924249
Printed in the United States by BookMasters, Inc.
Copyright 2008 by Tenderfoot Press, LLC





Highlights include:

• Personal essays to assure, amuse and inspire every tenderfoot who dreams of walking in the countryside. Stories to delight everyone who enjoys reading about the journeys of others.

• Advice—embellished with personal anecdotes and tips—about the basic gear every walker needs, along with advice about getting ready—from planning a ramble and learning how to pack “kit and caboodle” to the actual travel process.

• Essentials of life along a footpath—coping with aches, pains and rain, enjoying the rhythms of daily routines, doing laundry, and finding comfort along the route.

• Useful information enhanced with tips and tales about British bed and breakfasts, youth hostels, the welcoming cup of tea, and meals at pubs, restaurants and private homes along the way.

• Original pen and ink sketches by Elayne Sears add to the charm of this thorough and friendly “how-to” book.


Table of Contents
Introduction: Welcome to Countryside Walking
Step One: Unhurried Steps excerpt
  Step Two: Gearing Up
  Step Three: Getting Ready excerpt
  Step Four: Logistical Logic
  Step Five: Getting Set
  Step Six: Let’s Go
  Step Seven: At Home on the Trail excerpt
  Step Eight: Cultural Connections
  Step Nine: Dampened Spirits excerpt
  Step Ten: Best Foot Forward
  Step Eleven: Walk in Progress excerpt
  Step Twelve: Finishing Touches
  Step Thirteen: Soul of the Foot excerpt
  Step Fourteen: Facts Afoot excerpt


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