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"That Eleanor Garrell Berger is an accomplished essayist is very evident by her light yet detailed anecdotes that teach principles about countryside walking and life.  That she could string all the various aspects of preparing for and then the actual journeying together into a book that informs and delights while sprinkling all with humor is a mark of her master craftmanship "
Douglas Kashorek, The Lake Champlain Weekly, September 29, 2010 . . .
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"Plattsburgh Resident Writes Travelogue for Ramblers and Armchair Travelers"
Robin Caudell, Staff Writer, The Press-Republican, September 21, 2008 . . .
Eleanor "Elle" Garrell Berger's Stepping Out: A Tenderfoot's Guide to the Principles, Practices, and Pleasures of
Countryside Walking
is a must-read for the novice, seasoned rambler, and armchair traveler. . .
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"Author Eleanor Garrell Berger confesses that she is no athlete, although she does walk one to three miles a day. And, in particular, she loves walking in the countryside and encourages others to do so. But first, potential walkers must ask themselves: How many days do they wish to walk? How fit are they? What kind of terrain can they comfortably manage? Do they prefer to walk alone or with company? How much will they be able to carry? The answers to these questions will help determine travel plans. Berger discusses proper footwear and other accessories and also offers advice on planning a ramble and staying in accommodations on the trail."

Chicago Tribune

June Sawyers | Special to the Tribune
September 7, 2008


“In Stepping Out, Eleanor Berger shows you how long-distance walking in the UK can be much more fun than hiking in Wilderness—especially if you’re of an age where ‘wrinklyness’ or even ‘crumblyness’ has set in.

“Happily, Stepping Out highlights this unique national heritage and brings walking to life for those who are past hiking ‘the hard way’ or
may never have considered hiking at all.

“Read this book and be inspired.”

Paul H. Millmore, author of South Downs Way - National Trail Guide


This detailed travelogue is based on the author’s experience walking more than 1000 miles of pathways . . . over the past few years. . . Berger notes that this book is not for you if you prefer bushwhacking to walking on well-trod paths, or like digging your own latrine.

Neal Burdick, Editor-in-Chief, ADIRONDAC, November/December 2008


Eleanor Garrell Berger, writer and radio commentator, has just published Stepping Out: A Tenderfoot’s Guide to the Principles, Practices, and Pleasures of Countryside Walking. Seasoned ramblers, novices, and even armchair travelers can enjoy Eleanor’s perspective as she shows us a path to trying something new, living in the moment, and enjoying the world around us.

Brooklyn Friends School Newsletter, September/October 2008


“’Stepping Outis a must-pack paperback!  Eleanor Garrell Berger has created a thoroughly comprehensive and informative guide to countryside walking which everyone from novice to expert can enjoy.  Her writing style is personal, candid and entertaining, making the reader feel as though they were old friends chatting face-to-face about her travel adventures.  Rich with tips, tricks and delightful insights, ‘Stepping Out’ will make even the most sedentary individuals want to grab a walking stick and go, go, go!”
Lori St-Germain, Marketing & Development, North Country Cultural Center for the Arts (NCCCA)


"Eleanor Berger leaves no stone unturned as she takes the novice walker/hiker through every step of the process from buying boots and choosing gear, to planning the itinerary, dealing with bad-tempered B&B hosts, weathering rain and blisters, and even taking care of nature's call in nature. The best thing about the book for this ex-pat is that I recognized my native England on every page from the landscapes, history and idiosyncrasies to the weather, regional jargon and the "proper" way of behaving. She has captured it all with not only delightful humor but with love."

Anne Easter Smith, author of A Rose for the Crown and Daughter of York


Stepping Out is the most delicious trail mix I've tasted in a long time!  Don't take a hike without reading this beautifully
written book first! Eleanor Garrell Berger is one of my favorite writers."

Nancy Slonim Aronie, author of Writing from the Heart: Tapping the Power of Your Inner Voice


Readers' Comments


"I began reading your book as soon as we got into the  car and was delighted by your entertaining and down-to-earth style of  writing. . . Even if we  never make it to England, there are lots of  good, practical, and philosophical tips in Stepping Out for any rambler anywhere. . .  I have  always loved the idea of walking to a B  & B every day. . . Reading a chapter ("step") of your book was a treat  for me every night at bedtime, as were the bits of English culture, and even  the obstacles, that occasionally presented themselves in your path. One of  the passages that really spoke to me was the account of your stay at the Black Sail Hut Youth Hostel . . . I will pass Stepping Out to my  70-year-old mother, who walks several miles every week."  

Adirondack Rambler


"Reading like a personal conversation, Stepping Out sparkles with wonder and wit, spiced with reality...my hiking boots have seen better days, but you have made me yearn for cooler weather, a wool sweater, and a younger dog to accompany me on a trek in our local woodlands."

New Jersey Knitter


“Your book about trekking through Britain was a godsend. We were recently given a copy of Stepping Out as a bon voyage present and actually read it before leaving. We found it to be most beneficial and inspiring, and I want you to know how much it meant to us on our recent adventure walking around London and Wales with our godchild.”

First-time Rambler
Upstate New York


"This is a delightful book to sit back and read or to take on a journey. The author's comments about the joys of walking are enough to inspire even this stay-at-home to get up and out and enjoy the benefits of fresh air, walking and seeing the world. I liked the fact that the author is an unapologetic fan of comfort, rather than a heroic athlete, so it is easy to identify with her. Her practical hints, whether they are about the right socks or packing with a what-if mindset, are extremely useful and often amusing. It was a real pleasure to get to know the author as she went about her journeys.

"P.S. I loved the illustrations, too.
This would make a great gift for walkers or non-walkers on your gift list, for birthdays or any occasion."

Book Lover -Philadelphia
03 July, 2008




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